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James Dyson Awards 2017

International Top-20 Prize, in James Dyson Foundation’s global product design competition. The entries showcase inventions with novel designs, that can solve the pressing problems of today’s world. The final round, with the global top-20 projects, is judged by the acclaimed inventor, Sir James Dyson.

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MIT Grand Hack 2019

First Prize, in the world’s largest healthcare hackathon, hosted by MIT Hacking Medicine. I collaborated with clinicians and designed a system that automates the administration of intraoperative medication—to curb opioid misuse in hospitals and also speed up surgeries.

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Solvay APAC Innovation Meet 2018

Guest Speaker, at Solvay Asia-Pacific’s international innovation conference. I gave a talk on “Innovation in Young Minds”; I showed my projects, talked about challenges faced by innovators in India, and suggested ways for multinationals to influence changes in orthodox education systems.

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KMC Hacking Cancer 2019

Mentor and Judge, at Manipal University’s first Cancer Hackathon, where students from medical and engineering schools collaborated to solve problems in cancer care. I gave a talk on “How to Hack a Hackathon”, and helped the teams with engineering solutions. As a judge, I critiqued the engineering aspects of the teams’ proposed products.

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INK Makers Grand Finale 2016

Second Prize, in INK Talk’s inter-college product development competition. The winners of “INK Makers Hackathons” compete in the Grand Finale—they develop and pitch their products in front of an entrepreneurial jury.

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First prize, in India’s largest national high-school robotics championship at that time. My robot smoked the other robots in a game of soccer!


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